I have played on many tables at different tournaments in Australia and overseas.

Many tournaments which I have won have been on Allstar Pool Tables and found them to be of a very high standard.

I can recommend the Allstar Pool Tables be used at any major competition to meet the players satisfaction.

Alec Evreniadis

Alec EvreniadisAustralian Champian 1994, 1997, 2002

Allstar pool tables in my opinion are the No.1 tables in Australia wide.

I have seen and played on different tournament tables all over Australia but I haven’t found any that stack up against the Allstar tables!

I think it is important to know the tables are build by past champions who know and understand what the players want for eg. cushions, pocket ‘size, cloth etc.

I would recommend this table for any home or club.

Yours truly!

Ben Nunan

Ben NunanAustralian Champion 2005, Australian Captain 2009

“Allstar” Pool Tables are simply the best.

I find them an absolute pleasure to play on and can highly recommend them for competition or domestic use.

Jack Halligan

Jack HalliganAustralian Singles Champion 1992. No 1 World Ranked 8 Ball Player 1995 - 1996. AEBF Hall of Fame.

Allstar Pool Tables are the best in the country by far.

Would be good for the game if they were the only tables used in tournaments.

James Delahunty

James DelahuntyAustralian Singles Champion 2008

I really enjoyed playing on Allstar Pool Tables at Breakers.

The pockets are cut well too suit an attacking style of pool. However you still have to hit them spot on down the rail to go in.

Justin Sajich

Justin SajichAustralian Champion 2004 and 2009

Allstar Pool Tables are as good as any competition pool table I have played on.

They create attacking pool because of the fairness of the pockets, hit them well they go in. Hit them angrily they don’t.

All in all a great table!

Mick Delahunty

Mick DelahuntyCaptain Australian World Championship - Winning team in Blackpool England 1996

Allstar Pool Tables are by far and away the best pool tables I have ever played on.

I would recommend them to any potential player.

Phil JonesAustralian Champion 2000

Of the many different types of pool tables I have played on, Allstar Pool Tables take the cake.

I have won several tournaments on these pool tables and they suit my attacking style of play.

I have no hesitation in recommending Allstar Pool Tables for any tournament.

Ron Kelly

Ron KellyAustralian Champion 2003

Having played on many brand of tables I have found that Allstar had a fantastic cut and a great feel and would recommend to any up coming or elite player.

Rusty Wheeler

Rusty WheelerAustralian Singles Champion 2007

Allstar Pools are the best pool tables I have ever played on and their service is second to none.

Shawn Budd

Shawn BuddAustralian Singles Chamion 1999

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