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At Allstar Pool Tables, we manufacture and deliver custom-designed pool tables tailored to your style, whether you prefer round or square legs, raw or painted finish we design your table to fit your space. Each pool table is unique, offering a distinctive personality with choices in size, material, finish, cloth colour, and pocket shape. Discover the perfect table to match your style at Allstar Pool Tables.

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Create the perfect custom pool table for your home by following these simple steps. Start by measuring your space to ensure the ideal fit. Next, choose your preferred Australian hardwood for a sturdy and stylish frame. Select the felt color that complements your décor, and decide on the shape of the legs and pockets for a personalized touch. With these steps, you can design a pool table that perfectly suits your home and style.

Measure Your Space

Measure the space means just that, make sure the table you choose will fit comfortably in the area. Click the icon to download room size chart

Choose The Material

We use Australian Hardwoods for our tables. Choose the hardwood that suits the table you want.

Table Felt

We use English Billiard Cloth on our pool tables. Choose the colour and style you want on your table

Legs & Pockets

We have all different styles of legs and pocket to suit your table style. Choose a style perfect for your table.

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