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Allstar Pool Tables was founded in 1990. The owner (John Russell) having just won the Australian 8 ball national teams title in Adelaide had become disillusioned at the lack of championship quality pool tables available for all competitions. Having already been involved in the manufacturing and reclothing of snooker and pool tables for ten years, John and long time friend, Daryl Jenkins, decided to start building a championship quality table.

John, having won the inaugural Ballarat open 8 ball championship in 1990 bought he rights to the tournament off the owners Kym and Wayne McCartney. With approximately 400 entries in the tournament they decided to make x40 7’ pool tables at their factory in Preston. When completed, the tables were transported by semi-trailer to Ballarat and set up on two courts at the Ballarat basketball stadium. The tournament was won by Australia’s top ranked professional snooker player, Quinton Hann, (future world 8 ball singles champion) who defeated Australian team captain, Mick Delahunty, of Adelaide (Future Australian singles champion and captain of Australia’s world team champions 1996). The tournament was a huge success and the tables were highly praised by all who played. This led to many tables being sold to competitors and an order being placed for 20 new tables for a pool room to be opened in Ballarat by Peter Ainley.

Due to a large number of orders from competition players, the general public and billiard room proprietors, A larger factory was required; so the business moved to Dandenong in 1994.

Allstar Pool tables was then contacted by the Victorian Country championships and asked to supply ten 7’ pool tables for their Annual championships to be held in Ararat. Once again nearly all tables were sold at the event. Following the success of this event, the Victorian 8 Ball Association asked for Allstar to supply tables for their state championships, and in 1999, to provide tables or the Australian Championships being held at Crown Casino.

Over the past 25 years Allstar has produced thousands of top quality Billiard tables in all sizes. They have become the preferred supplier of tables to Pool Victoria for all their state and national championships. Allstar are also the supplier for all country cups (Western & Eastern zones). They have become the major supplier of pool tables for the Ballarat open, Geelong open, Wonthaggi Cup, Bendigo Teams Carnival, Albury Tournament and many other prestigious cue sport events including the 2015 Australian Championships to be held in Albury in October.

All tables are manufactured using Australian hardwoods, Italian slate and English Billiard cloth with custom rubbers, we also stock second hand pool tables.

Being the leader supplier for pool tables in Melbourne, Allstar have expanded to provide:
Custom pool tables
Pool table refurbishment & repair
Pool table removal & relocation services
Pool dining tables
Coin operated pool tables
Refurbished pool tables

Allstar has also been chosen to supply tables for pool rooms in every state and territory in Australia and are currently making tables for pool rooms in Darwin and Ballarat and has testimonials from ten Australian singles champions and Mick Hill from England who has twice won the world 8 Ball singles.

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