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Allstar Pool Tables manufacture quality billiard, snooker & pool tables in Melbourne.

With a reputation built on quality, service, and a wide range of options, we cater to the needs of all billiard, snooker, and pool enthusiasts.

Craftsmanship Meets Quality – Our Pool Tables

At Allstar Pool Tables, we take pride in manufacturing and offering an extensive selection of billiard tables, snooker tables, and pool tables for sale. Our line-up features an impressive variety, from custom pool tables designed to match your unique style to coin-operated pool tables perfect for clubs and sports bars.

Looking for a multi-purpose option? We’ve got you covered with our dining table pool tables. Or perhaps you wish to enjoy a game of pool in the great outdoors. In that case, our outdoor pool tables are just the ticket. We also stock an assortment of second-hand and refurbished pool tables, offering quality and design at an excellent price point.

We specialise in:

Do you already own a pool table? Or maybe you’re not looking to purchase a new or used pool table. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Beyond the Pool Table – Services & Accessories

Beyond our range of tables, we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your pool-related needs. From pool table refurbishment and repair to pool table removal and relocation, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

To further enhance your game, we also offer a full range of pool table accessories. Whether you need a new cue, replacement balls, light covers, rests or spiders, we have it all in stock.

Delivery & Installation

We understand that purchasing a pool table is an investment. Hence, we want to make the process as seamless as possible for our clients. We offer delivery to all areas in Melbourne Metro and most of Country Victoria. Furthermore, our services extend to include the required installation, ensuring your table is level and ready to be played.

At Allstar Pool Tables, we’re not just about selling you a table. We’re here to deliver a quality experience. So, whether you’re looking to buy a new table, need repairs, or simply want to talk about the game you love, we’re here to assist. Welcome to our family of pool and billiard enthusiasts – we can’t wait to help you hit the perfect shot.

We also offer:

We deliver to all areas in Melbourne Metro and most of Country Victoria.

For a full list of suburbs, click here.

Pool Tables Melbourne

Allstar Pool Tables

John is our head designer and manufacturer, he not only has over 30 years experience in pool table making, but he is also a 22 time pool and snooker champion.

Allstar Pool Tables was founded in 1990. John, having already been involved in the manufacturing and reclothing of snooker and pool tables in Melbourne for ten years, decided to start building a quality Pool Table that would be affordable to all.

Pool Tables Melbourne
Pool Tables Melbourne
1970s Refurbished Pool Table

Our Services

Pool Tables For Sale Melbourne
Expert re-clothing for all types of Pool , Billiard and Snooker Tables using English Strachan 6811 Tournament Championship Cloth.
Buy Pool Table Melbourne
Expert repairs to all types of Pool, Billiard and Snooker Tables.
Billiard Table in Melbourne
30 years of experience in transportation of all makes of Pool, Billiard and Snooker Tables. Full Warranty and Insurance provided.
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Fact of the day

Did you know...

The first coin-operated billiard table was patented in 1903. The cost of a game on the first pay-for-play table: one penny. Before the invention of celluloid and other new-age plastics, billiard balls were made out of ivory. The elephants can thank their present existence on the invention of plastics.


Should I buy a new or used pool table?

If you are unsure of a pool tables quality, features and reliability, and you don’t know anyone who can help in these areas then it would be best to purchase a new pool table.

At Allstar Pool Tables, we only sell quality secondhand pool tables that we refurbish ourselves.

What is the best size pool table to get?

Pool table sizes vary from 7 foot up to 12 foot.

It all depends on the space you have in your home or business. Generally, an 8 foot table is considered the professional size, and a 7 foot table is bar size.

When measuring your room, you need to make sure that you have a minimum clearance of 150cm between the pool table and the wall.

You can check the minimum room sizes here.

Should you put a rug under a pool table?

Although not required, we would recommend a rug be placed under your pool table if you’re worried about marking or scratching your floor.

The rug will protect the floor around the pool table from extra wear and tear as well as balls that may be struck off the table and land on the floor.

Can you move a pool table without taking it apart?

The overwhelming majority of pool tables will need to be disassembled in order for them to be transported. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to move a pool table without removing things such as legs. It is highly recommended to engage a professional pool table business to relocate your pool table, who will then reassemble and level your pool table.

If you require relocation of your existing pool table, Allstar Pool Tables can help.

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